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 Water Purification
• Plant Skid Made From SS!MS (Powder Coated)
• Pre-Filter with GAC / Sediment in 20” Housing
• Pre-Filteration in FRP Vessel
• Feed Water Pump / Raw Water Pump
• High Pressure Pump Rotary Vane Type / Vertical Pump
• FRP Stainless Steel Membrane Housing Automatic Antiscalant
• Dosing Pump
• Full Electronic! MCB Panel with Flowmeter & Pressure Gauges
• Low Pressure Switch / High Pressure Switch
• Electronic Panel for Auto Water Level sensor
• High Quality PVC / SS Piping
• Membrane cleaning System (Electronic)
• PH Boost System
• Conductivity Meter

Hot & Cold water Dispenser with/without R-O System

Technical Specifications

• Product- Autoflush/Manual
• Dimensions- 367x397x522    (mm)
• Weight- 27 Kg
• Voltage/Current - 220v / 50 Hz
• Storage Capacity-4.5 Ltrs
• Cooling Type:
• Hot Water Temp.->95 Degree C
• Cold Water Temp-<6 Degree C
• Stages-  7 Stages (Pre Filter,   Sediment, Precarbon,   Membrane, Post Carbon, UV,   Antiscallent)


1) UV Lamp sterilization ensures safe drinking water.
2) The most advanced RO treatment technology to get rid of hazardous substances
3) Filteration through 7 stages, every drop is pure
4) Hot & Cold water tanks made of stainless steel
5) Super large digital LCD display Screen

Technical Specifications

• Product- Autoflush/Manual
• Dimensions-570x280x290 (mm)
• Weight- 9.0 Kg (approx)
• Voltage/Current- 220v / 50hz
• Storage Capacity- 8 Ltrs
• Stages- 6 Stage (Pre-Filter,    Sediment, Pre-carbon,    Membrane, Post    Carbon,    Antiscallent)


1) Adopt the most advanced RO treatment technology to get rid off hazardozus substances
2) Filteration through 6 stages, every drop is pure
3) Professional design, fashionable & beautiful looks
4) Original parts with patented mould design
5) Chemical free process. Tested & proven performance


Technical Specifications

• Product- Autoflush / Manual
• Dimensions- 520x195x375   (mm)
• Weight- 9 Kg (approx)
• Voltage/Current- 220v / 50 Hz
• Storage Capacity- 10 Ltrs
• Stages- 7 Stage (Pre Filter,   Sediment, Pre-carbon,   Membrane, UV Lamp Features   Post Carbon, Antiscallent)


1) UV Lamp sterilization ensures safe drinking water.
2) Quick purifying, high efficiency & energy saving
3) Multi protection design
4) Low pressure switch with dry running protection.
5) Solenoid valve for reject/ flush control
6) Protect your family from inhaling impurities!
7) Reliable long-term performance.


• Flow Rate : 12-15 LPH
• Tank Capacity : 11 Ltrs.
• Installation: Counter Top
• Dimension: 49(L)x34(W)x27(D)
• Power Consumption: 30W (in    use)
• Weight : 12.5 Kg.

PEAR-906 B

• Flow Rate : 12-15 LPH
• Tank Capacity : 11 Ltrs.
• Installation : Counter Top
• Dimension: 49(L)x34(W)x27(D)
• Power Consumption : 30W (in    use)
• Weight : 12.5 Kg.

PEAR  Water Purifier - Tank less RO - 35 LPH
• Flow rate: 32-35 lph
• Installation: wall mount / counter    top
• Weight: 15 kg. (In use)
• Purification: 7 stages
• TFC membranes
• High quality melt blown Cartridges 
• Imported housing 100% leak proof   Faucet
• High Pressure Switch
• One Year warranty
PEAR Mineral Water Purifier
• 100% Pure Mineral Water
• No power required
• No maintenance
• Most affordable Price
• 7 Stage Purification
• Filter's life up to 25,000 liters   purification
• An ISO 9001: 2008 certified products made in Malaysia is introducing First time in India.


Pure Drinking water is inevitable to man like Oxygen. Unfortunately the drinking water, which we are using, is contaminated for several reasons. Consumption of contaminated water may cause different diseases like Jaundice, Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, Hepatitis, etc. These diseases may lead to death. The non -availability of good quality drinking water forced us to purchase bottled water from the market at high prices. One liter of water costs Rs 12/- while the same quantity of milk is available at Rs 10/-. Is Bottled Water is Pure & Safe? "NO". Recently released Laboratory Results and News Paper reports revealed that bottled water contain pesticides like DDT, Endosulphan etc. The quantities of these pesticides are more than the permitted limits. The pesticides are adding to the water for long preservation. Consumption of pesticides will also attract a large number of diseases.
PEAR Mineral Water Unit is a high quality automatic mineral water production unit. It requires no power for its operation and maintenance cost is literally zero. The Filters can be used up to 25,000 liters of water purification. By using 100% healthy drinking water you and your family will be protected from waterborne diseases. Prevention is better than cure.

How PEAR Mineral Water Unit Works?
PEAR Mineral Water unit purifies water in Seven steps and gives you pure mineral water.

Ceramic Filter

The main content of this filter consists of a highly compressed ceramic diatom. It is highly resistant to heat as tested by professionals. The diameter of ceramic filter is 0.2 micron, whereas the diameter of bacteria is 0.5 to 1.0 micron. This filter ensures that your water is free from harmful diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery etc.

Multi Stage Filter

This is the most advanced and efficient filter ever designed recently in the world. Multi-Stage Filter purifies water in four stages. This filter consists of Activated Carbon, Silicon Sand, Zeolite and Mineral Sand. Activated Carbon removes Chlorine, Organic Chemicals, Unpleasant odors and Colors, THMs, etc., Heavy metals can accumulate in our body and may lead to a wide range of illnesses. Mineral Sand release minerals and adjust the pH of the water to mild alkaline and helps to restore the pH balance of body fluid.

Mineral Stone Box

Mineral Stone are mined between 60 and 330 meters below the sea level on an unpolluted Korean, Island. The Mineral Stone contain Germanium, which promote health and prevent Cancer. Germanium also absorbs heavy metals, toxin, odors and impurities and continuously releases more than 20 kinds of ionized minerals for more than 5 years.

Magnetic Tap

The outlet tap of the water system is fitted with magnets in line with the latest water technologies. Magnetized water has free moving molecules just the mineral spring water. It promotes health and vitality and imparts many therapeutic properties. If there are any minute metal particles left, the magnet will absorb that also.

What is Bio-Magnetic Water?

Water is paramagnetic – meaning that it will hold a magnetic charge.  In nature, the earth’s magnetic field naturally charges water in lakes, wells, and running streams. However, as water passes through treatment plants and is transported through pipes to your home or work place, it loses its magnetic charge.  Treating water with magnetic fields simple restores the natural energy and balance that nature intended. Magnetized water has more hydroxyl (OH-) ions that form alkaline molecules which reduces the acidity.  Normal tap water has a pH of about 7. Magnetized water is more alkaline and can have a pH as high as 9.2.  Magnetizing water reduces the surface tension of the water making it feel softer.  It is thinner, wetter, and more absorbable, so it is better able to penetrate cell walls and deliver the nutrients that it carries.

Health Benefits

Our body consists of over 70% water. All biological functions including circulation, digestion, absorption, and excretion depend on water.  Water is required for blood, the lymphatic system, and healthy skin and muscles.  It is well known among health professionals that when you are sick, the pH of your body is more acidic.  Magnetized water, which is more alkaline, raises the pH of your body, which allows the body to get rid of the toxins.  Bio-magnetized water is believed to be energy-building, activating, cleansing, and detoxifying.  People have reported resolving bladder problems, recovering quickly from a stroke, alleviating arthritis pain, reducing blood pressure, and breaking up kidney and gall stones by drinking magnetic water.  Scientific studies have proven that magnetized water has health benefits for animals.  Therefore it seems reasonable that it should also be beneficial for humans.  Reported health benefits of drinking magnetic water include:

•    Magnetic water tastes sweeter and has more clarity.
•    Magnetic water reduces acidity in the body and promotes a more alkaline PH.
•    Magnetic water promotes healing of wounds and burns.
•    Magnetic water has a therapeutic effect of digestive, nervous, and urinary systems.
•    Magnetic water can be beneficial for asthma, fevers, colds, coughs, bronchitis, and sore throats.
•    Magnetic water can be beneficial for menstrual and menopause discomfort.
•    Magnetic water revitalized the body.
•    Magnetic water has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system.
•    Magnetic water can help regulate the heart function and clear clogged arteries.
•    Magnetic water is beneficial for kidney ailments (removal and prevention of stones), gout, obesity
     (it improves metabolic activity), and premature aging.
•    Magnetic water helps relieve pain.
•    Magnetic water infuses energy into the body, controls bacteria, and stimulates brain function.
•    Magnetic water can help dissipate toxic deposits in the body’s connective tissue.
•    Magnetic water can regulate blood pressure (high or low).
•    Magnetic water can be used to wash and disinfect external cuts and scrapes.
•    Magnetic water will remove the plaque on your teeth if you use it to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, and drink.
•    Magnetic water will make your hair softer and more manageable while using less shampoo when used to wash your       hair.
•    Magnetic water is ionic so it helps reset the charge on cell walls, thus promoting better circulation.

PEAR Bio-Energy + RO Systems: PEAR Water Purifiers help in maintaining the drinking water quality by:

•    Reducing Water hardness.
•    Removing chemical contents including heavy metals.
•    Removing Micro-Biological disease causing organisms.
•    Bringing down the level of TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids) to safer levels.
•    Provide you pure water with essential minerals and elements important for your body.

Reverse Osmosis (R.O) is one of the most convenient and economical methods of reducing unwanted contaminants in your drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is the process by which water molecules are forced, by water pressure, through a semi permeable membrane. Most of the impurities and other contaminants are rinsed to the drain while the refined water is routed to a special holding tank.

The special features of RO process is its ability to remove not only the suspended impurities but also dissolved impurities and salt which are harmful and spoil the taste of water. In addition, it also removes bacteria and virus better than the conventional purifiers. Typical percentage removal of dissolved salt by RO process are :

Material / Element

% Removed

Material / Element

% Removed















































Total Removal



How safe is your drinking water?

WATER (H2O) – is the most important sustainer of Human Life after the atmospheric air we breathe and the key to good health is pure water. Every year millions of people suffer from waterborne diseases.

80% Diseases are caused due to contamination in our drinking water in the form of Dangerous Fluorides, Nitrates, Lead, Pesticides and Disease causing germs, bacteria and viruses. Your beloved families are very vulnerable and susceptible to these diseases, just by taking simple precautions i.e. we can and must evade the dreadful effects of these Danger’s.
Prithveee Equipments and Renditions Pvt. Ltd. is an organization whose endeavor is to ensure that your beloved families and children do not become the victim of the different types of pollutants and contaminants in drinking water and their harmful side effects.

Remember – The water we drink, is the elixir of life and as we Revitalize Inside, it is Beautiful Outside.

Plastics used in local/cheaper water purifier products:

are of inferior quality and they are harmful for use in water purification systems.  The customer should check for quality and should not compromise on price factor. These inferior quality plastics like housing for membrane/ sediment filter cartridges / carbon cartridges react with water and release different type of organic / inorganic impurities there by making the water contaminated.
We provide innovative solutions for the problems of contaminated water. Impurities in our drinking water are increasing every day specially dissolved ones (like rust, salts and chemicals which cause serious disease). We present world’s most advanced technology in the form of RO System.

Result: - Water purified by our purifier is 100% pure and healthy because:

* Our RO process removes even dissolved impurities like heavy metals, rust, chemicals and pesticides etc.
* Double purification by UV after RO gives full protection from bacteria and viruses over its service period.
* Added minerals make water taste good.
* Double filtration to ensure crystal clear water.

We, Prithveee Equipments and Renditions Pvt. Ltd. also market RO systems both Domestic and Industrial as per requirements where TDS levels are high. We also provide servicing for your water purifier and give special discount on all spare parts and accessories. We provide free water testing of TDS in your water & special discount on testing of Biological impurities and chemical impurities in water.